Halfsilk Jamdani Saree/হাফসিল্ক জামদানী শাড়ি

May 23, 2021 / By Murad Shakil / in Saree Collection



Half silk jamdani basically made Tangail in Bangladesh. Sharee or saree is the national wear of Bangladeshi women. Most women who are married wear sharee as their regular dress while young-unmarried girls wear sharee as an occasional dress. The saree is worn by women throughout Bangladesh. Sari is the most popular dress for women in Bangladesh, both for casual and formal occasion. Although Dhakai Jamdani (hand made saree) is world wide known and most famous to all women who wear saree but there are also many variety of saree in Bangladesh.There are many regional variations of them in both silk and cotton.


311-Halfsilk Blue Jamdani (2)

Half Silk Jamdani is a wearable garment made of cotton with a unique weaving method. Jamdani usually means saree. Another name of Bengali tradition is Jamdani. Bengali is popular and known with this jamdani. Everyone loves Jamdani.There is at least one, but some people face to budget fact and budget problem to buy the orginal dhakai jamdani. The original jamdani is beyond the reach of many.

Half silk jamdani has been brought keeping their words in mind. These are the perfect work and weaving in it.The market name of Bengal market is Jamadani. Bengali formation and familiar with this deposit. Jamadani's hobby is everything. One to see but not one for everyone.The original jamdani plaque is out of reach. Hafsilk Jamadani has been added to their conversation. Perfect work and Lace work. No deep swelling, easy to manage and friendly.


318-Halfsilk Yellow Box Jamdani (3)

The horizontal threads are cotton and the longitudinal threads are silk. Saree quality is so uniqe and trendy, Design is very gorgeous, Jamdani is a wearable garment made of cotton with a unique weaving method. Jamdani usually means saree. Silks of Bengal were much acclaimed the world over since ancient times. The most well known Bengal silk saree which carry its popular name is Half silk jamdani a production of exclusive design and fabulous weaving technique. A revival in recent time of both the half silk jamdani and another out standing traditional.