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White with Blue Color Body Mustard Par and Achol Cotton Kotki Saree With Blouse Piece

New Cotton Kotki Sarees Collections.

New design cotton kotki saree is designed with white with blue color in body with mustard achol and fringes/paar on both sides. Cotton Kotki Saree has running blouse piece.

This is a genuine product of Rongpolli. Buy latest hold, wedding, casual, formal & party wear saris in various fabrics, patterns & colours from RongPolli which is online women's sarees collection point at best prices.

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There is no other attire that lets you style it in so very many ways than saree. Saree, when you go somewhere, saree if you are in a good mood or bad- no one seems to experiment as much as Bengali women experiment with sari! 

Kotki Saree has an eye-catching sophistication. It is truly an absolute piece of art. With its glistening glaze, Kotki Saree has made its way on global fashion platforms. This saree gives a royal appeal. It carries all the beauty and confidence that make us look gorgeous. no matter what the occasion or party is, Kotki Saree is a showstopper

Kotki Saree is a versatile fabric and can be worn by anybody. The high definition product pictures at Rong Polli will let you decide what is best suited to your personality and budget. 

Rong Polli knows what gets you excited about traditional wear, and we now bring to you our Kotki Saree. Say goodbye to the long queues at malls. Buy a brand-new Kotki Saree on Rong Polli before the stocks are gone!

Like the other sarees, Kotki Saree requires some special care, too. Please keep the following things in mind when caring for Kotki Saree.

  • Dry clean.
  • Use shampoo instead of soap when washing at home.
  • Do not dry in the hot sun.
  • Do not store Kotki Saree in plastic bags.
  • Do not hang the saree on the hanger and keep it folded straight.
  • Do not place naphthalene balls on the cloth. Use cloves and cinnamon, insects will not attack, and there will be no bad smell.